Lesson 3 Shadow Borders & Fancy Fonts

This lesson covers shadowed borders and "fancy fonts".
This page type is quite easy to make, once you have chosen the colours to use (always the hardest part).
For the header, I chose a misted image and from that made a background tile.
I decided to choose a darker pink for the font to make it easier to read.


These are the tiles I created to make this page:

Tiles I used

The font that I am using here is GoodVibrationsROB Script. If you do not have this font installed on your computer, you only have to download it from here, unzip the file, open the font on your computer and refresh this page - and voila!! You can now see this page as I have written it.


An alternate method of viewing the font I chose to use would be to insert your text as a graphic image.
Click here to see this page please.
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